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Little Bakers 

Getting Started

Get your little ones (or no so little ones) baking!

Our little bake boxes are sent addressed to your Little Baker so they get their own parcel in the post!

The boxes include all of the dry ingredients needed to make yummy treats.

Each month there will be a different recipe with step by step instructions on how to make it and hints on how to decorate it as well.

Your little one could be baking anything from Cupcakes, to brownies, to healthy flapjacks.



You pay £10 + £2 p&p monthly.

There is no tie in, if you wish to cancel just let us know before 25th of the month.

The boxes are sent out around the middle of each month, so your first box will be posted to your little one the month after your purchase.

Included in the box are all of the dry ingredients, you will need to supply the fresh ingredients like eggs, butter, milk and occasionally fresh fruit if needed.

Postage Postage fees are added at checkout.

Postage is £2 per month.

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