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Cake Flavours

Devilish Chocolate

A moist chocolate sponge, can be filled with a smooth chocolate buttercream or chocolate ganache.


Dreamy Vanilla

Light vanilla sponge filled with a light and fluffy vanilla buttercream.


Chocolate Orange

A favorite of mine.... Moist chocolate orange sponge, filled with a smooth chocolate orange buttercream.



Moist carrot cake, made with fresh carrots and filled with a cream cheese frosting.


Lushious Lemon

Zingy lemon cake made using fresh lemons, filled with a light lemon buttercream.


Rich Fruit

A rich fruit cake made using a variety of fruits, spices and ground almonds. This cake is aged for a minimum of 6 weeks and is regulary brushed with Brandy. It is covered in a gorgeous Almond Paste.



There are many more flavours of cakes and fillings avaliable. If you have any specific ideas we will be more than happy to try them out for you...

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